As a professional home stager, Jennifer Farley is happy to provide her clients with an individualized home staging analysis to ensure your home is in top selling condition. As a seller, you only control 2 things: price and condition. Home staging experts have found that a staged home will net the seller 6.9% more and will see 50% less time on the market.



  • The investment in staging is always less than a price reduction.
  • Buyers determine what a house will sell for, not the sellers (create the emotional attachment!).
  • Think of your home as a house and your house as a product.
  • Professional staging will bring a quick sale in a buyer’s market and more money in a hot market.
  • Buyers remember what they see, not what will be.
  • If you can smell it, you can’t sell it.
  • You’re selling your house and the space inside the house, not your stuff!
  • Clutter eats equity.
  • Price must be right = Price must match condition!



  • Curb Appeal – this is the buyer’s first impression of your home. Whether it be online or a drive-by, this step is critical to netting you the most is resale.
  • Trim and house paint/front door
  • Sweep decks & patios
  • Remove moss from walks, patios and roof (if needed)
  • Pressure wash and stain decks
  • Reduce clutter (old flower pots, BBQ, toys, excess furniture, etc)
  • Repair broken fences
  • Trim plants & branches, add mulch, remove dead plants
  • Remove trash cans and old wood piles
  • Repaint if necessary
  • Setting the Stage – PREPACK! The way you live in your home and the way you sell your home are two different things
  • Conquer Clutter – Clutter eats equity! The way you live in your home and the way you sell your home are two different things.
  • Q-Tip Clean – A clean house looks better and provides the buyer with the feeling that it is a well-cared for house.


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